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What is your greatest challenge?

I don’t get fast enough support
They don’t know my system
My systems are not reliable / fast / efficient
Customer Complaint

“Our current IT provider recently has been delivering horrible service. It is difficult to get in touch with them, long wait times in between responses, and we end up having to chase them down to fix our IT problems!”

Our Solution

Customer service needs to be a priority. All too often, shortfalls arise when a help desk is understaffed, overbooked, or poor processes/protocols are in place to remedy common IT problems. We have used our years of experience to create protocols for our valued technicians to help resolve your IT issue swiftly and get you back on track.

Customer Complaint

“When I call in, I get an auto-attendant and when I finally get in touch with a technician, they don’t seem to know the answers to any of our questions or understand our IT environment.”

Our Solution

We have been successful with our clients because we know, understand, and can appreciate their frustration. We also have detailed documentation about each client’s unique IT environment so all of our technicians can quickly offer realistic solutions.

Customer Complaint

“I keep having the same issue with my computer and the office printer. After each phone call, they fix my issue but it's only a matter of time before I have to call back because – yes – it’s happening again!”

Our Solution

We log each issue reported by each member of your team. These logs are reviewed regularly to determine if an underlying problem is occurring that is causing repeat issues or a slew of problems. Often, these IT reviews result in a proactive phone call or email that resolves the underlying cause – preventing future support requests so you can focus on your goals and trust your IT equipment will function optimally.

Our Services

How can we help your business?

icon of a pencil Build It
icon of a clip board Manage It
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icon of a lock Secure It
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Build It

We build IT solutions designed to meet your specific business goals and budget. Let us provide you with stable, reliable and secure IT solutions to energize your business.

IT Builds
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Our comprehensive IT Management solution provides an entire suite of services and support to ensure your business’ systems are running efficiently and securely.

Proactive Monitoring
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Our IT strategy and guidance services help to continually improve your IT so you can get the most out of your IT spend.

Our Knowledge Base
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Our suite of network security tools helps protect all of that data you have spent so many years and man hours creating. Security is not “Set it and forget it.” How secure is your network?

Comprehensive Security

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East Coast Network Services helps small- and medium-sized companies grow through innovative yet affordable IT solutions that support their business processes and goals. Our high-quality service and proactive approach has allowed us to deliver consistent results to clients throughout Eastern Pennsylvania and Maryland.

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Our managed IT services provides proactive IT managed services, secured data storage, network management, and a superior customer service team.